Online Skype Counselling

For various reasons you may either be unable to attend counselling sessions in person or prefer to have counselling via the internet.  For these situations I offer online counselling via Skype.

What is Skype counselling?

Skype is a computer program which allows video calls over the internet.  It is free to download and reasonably easy to set up.  It allows real-time conversations between a client and counsellor.  The advantages of using video over text or phone calls is that it allows the counsellor and client to see each other.  This enables a deeper level of connection and communication.

skype online counselling

Is Skype counselling right for you?

If it is workable for you to have face-to-face counselling either with myself or someone in your local area I recommend this as a first choice.  There are many kinds of subtle communication between counsellor and client that are not transmitted via online counselling.  These subtle communications enrich the counselling experience and help facilitate the process of growth and healing.

However, it is also of primary importance to be seeing a counsellor with whom you are a good fit, someone you are comfortable with and you feel understands you.  If you don’t have someone like this in your local area, have problems accessing them or are making a deliberate choice to have online counselling, I am happy to accomodate this.

How does Skype counselling work?

Firstly you need to download the program and install it onto your computer.  You can click the following link: Download Skype .

Follow the instructions to install.  The program should assist you with then setting up the program on the computer and then creating an account.

Then simply contact me to arrange a day and time to meet.  We will share Skype ID’s and away we go…

Session and payment details

Sessions generally last one hour unless otherwise negotiated and the skype counselling session fees are the same as a face-to-face session.  Payment is best made in advance via electronic bank transfer or paypal.