Synchronicity and Psychology

A personal experience of the poetry of synchronicity, and a gentle exploration of the boundary between spiritual insight and madness…

Being with grief

When I was 25 my best friend Kelvin was murdered when we were in Thailand. I remember grieving a lot and deeply in those few days whilst traveling alone to Bangkok from rural Thailand and catching a flight home for his funeral…

Getting to know your inner critic

A practical guide to relating to the inner critic which aims not only to find relief from its onslaught, but to cultivate a relationship which harnesses its gifts and potentials…

Do i need counselling?

Counselling isn’t only useful when we are in crisis or deeply stuck. It is an amazing tool for cultivating personal and spiritual growth…

Beyond a medical model of mental illness

An in-depth analysis of the medical model of mental illness, and an offering of an alternative narrative that may offer more meaning and hope to people having these experiences…

Counselling Testimonials

Read counselling testimonials from clients of Growing Awareness Counselling


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